Cashew Nut Milk recipe

This is for a few friends who asked for the recipe. :) I am modifying the recipe from a cookbook we have.

1 cup water

1 cup raw, natural (organic, preferably) cashews

1-2 tablespoons honey OR 4-8 pitted dates

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon pure, natural vanilla

3 cups water

Blend all but the last ingredient on high 1-2 minutes until creamy. Stop blender and add remaining water measurement. Blend again briefly. Pour into jar or pitcher and serve immediately or chill (I prefer chilling first, tastes much better cold).

Yield: 4 and 2/3 cups approximately.

The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years!

Wow…never thought of it to that extent….I will be printing pictures asap!!!

Mike Yost Photography


They’re everywhere. In your phone, on your tablet, you have your point-n-shoot, and maybe even a DSLR. A few might even own a film camera. You can’t escape the selfies, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. People are deluged with photographs. And today, people are taking more pictures than ever before. It’s been estimated that in the past 5 years, more photos have been taken than all the prior years combined.

The sad part is that few of these photographs will survive beyond a year. To many people, a “picture” is only good for the moment. Moms and Dads want to snap every little movement of that new baby. Grandma wants to see everyone one of those too. When you want to show off the new puppy, you pull out the phone. And in a week, none of them have any real meaning and might even get “deleted” just to make…

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Just in the Nicker of Time

This is a story I wrote for a contest on Faith Writers recently. Enjoy! :) ______________________________________________

     “Mamm! I’m heading over to the Zook’s place to chat with Sarah a bit.  I’ll be back in an hour to help with supper.” hollered Anna Hostetler over her shoulder as she left the house. She hurried to the barn to hitch up Sassy. Bridling the mare, she led her to the hitching post. “Pretty soon I will be living out my long-awaited dream, jah?” she told the horse while adjusting the harness. She climbed in the family buggy and was soon heading down the road. Like most Amish families in Lancaster, the Hostetler’s live on a farm and grow their own crops. They enjoy the close-knit fellowship with friends and relatives, striving to grow closer to the Lord together.
     Anna took in a deep breath of the delicious spring air and held the reins slack in her hands. She loved the peaceful scenery she passed driving on this back road. A smile crept onto her face as she gave the reins a flick and leaned forward in anticipation. She couldn’t wait to share her news with her best friend Sarah Zook. For a long time she had wanted to have a job working with horses, something she greatly enjoyed. But because it was usually the men in the family that took care of that, nobody took her on for help. They probably didn’t like the idea of a nineteen year old young woman working like that anyway. Besides, they would say she should be getting married and starting a family by now, not seeking out work that was considered a man’s job!
     She thought back to that day last week when she saw a sign in the store about a job working with horses at a stable in Bird-in-Hand, a town about eight miles away. Needless to say, she was ecstatic! She looked closely at the description given. They offered good wages to someone with at least several years’ experience to help with the thirty or so horses there. That’s me! She nearly laughed out loud at the way the Lord answered her prayer. Instead she smiled and calmly took down the contact info and left the store. “I’ll talk to Dat about it later,” she had decided.
     It was obviously not an Amish establishment. Dat called a few days later and found out they have some Amish working there and some things workers are required to do. “Mostly grooming and exercising horses and cleaning stalls,” the lady on the phone said. She said they would gladly call back when there was a position available. After asking a few more questions, he thanked her and hung up. They kept their word and called back a few weeks later with a vacant position. If she took it, she would be mostly exercising and grooming race horses. When Dat told her what he learned, she was thrilled. He gave her the go-ahead and she thanked him and went to tell Mamm. She couldn’t wait to start her new job!
     Coming out of her daydreaming, she pulled in the Zook’s driveway and tied Sassy to the hitching post by the barn. Walking in their back door she sang out,
     “Is anybody home?”Sarah came over from the stove where she was baking something and smiled.
     “Anna, how gut to see you! Come right in and have a piece of the blueberry pie I just made and a glass of milk.”
Anna followed her into the kitchen and said,
     “Denki, Sarah, I’d love some. I told Mamm I’d only stay an hour to be back in time to help with supper. But I just had to talk to you now. I have some exciting news! You’ll never guess.”
Sarah furrowed her brow in thought.
     “Hmm. You have a beau!”
Anna laughed. “I really doubt that’s gonna be happenin’ anytime soon, considering what I have in mind.”
     “Really now. I wonder what’s up your sleeve this time,” snickered Sarah.
     “Oh nothin’ scary, I promise ya that,” Anna grinned.
     “Knowing you, I wonder,” Sarah smirked, then finally threw her hands up. “I have no idea, please tell me.”
     “All right then.” Anna leaned forward and said, “My dream to work with horses is about to be realized at last. I found a job!”
     “Really?! That’s amazing, considering you’ve been looking for years and none of our families have seemed to need help. Who did you find that gave you a job?”
     “Well, it’s nobody in our community, much as I would have preferred that.”
Sarah nodded in agreement. Anna continued.
     “There’s a place in Bird-in-Hand called Nicker of Time Stables. I saw a sign for it. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it by now but they just started business about a year ago. Dat gave me permission to apply and I absolutely cannot wait to start working!”
     “That is wunnerbaar, Anna! I sure hope you get the job,” she exclaimed, smiling at her friend.
     “Oh I’m confident I will!” said Anna assuredly. “They’re looking for someone to fill the vacancy, so if I answer them soon they should hire me.”
The two girls chatted some more and finished up their pie. Finally Anna stood up. “Well, I need to make one more stop before heading home. Denki for the pie, Sarah. Come by tomorrow if you want to try out the lemon cake I’m going to make. It’s going to taste unbelievable!” She made an exaggerated noise of delight as she waved goodbye and left.
     “I’m sure it will be,” called Sarah after her, “If your Mamm is the one makin’ it!” she giggled while Anna glared back at her.
Anna untied her horse and got back into the buggy and made her errand in town before going home.
     Several days passed. Anna was gathering her things for a trip to Bird-in-Hand to apply at this wunnerbaar-gut place she had discovered. Soon her horse was clip-clopping at a fast pace along the highway. About twenty minutes later she arrived in the busy little town. She started searching for the stable with the directions that Dat had gotten for her. She turned onto Maple Avenue and saw more and more fenced-in pastures as she kept driving.
     Finally a large fancy-looking barn loomed ahead of her and she pulled in front, so excited she almost jumped out of the buggy and shouted with delight. She found a hitching post to tie Sassy to, then looked all around, drinking in the sights. She saw about five horses grazing in a nearby pasture and ten or so in the stables, curiously poking their heads out. She smiled as she also saw someone training a large horse in a round pen and others carrying tack and feed to the ones in the pasture. Looking to the right, she saw a small building a ways away that looked to be the office. She hurried in that direction thinking that the sooner she applied the sooner she could begin working at this exciting place.
     She walked in and saw a pleasant-looking lady at the front desk. She timidly approached and the lady looked up and said, “Hello, may I help you with something?”
Anna replied, “Yes, I came to apply for the position I heard was available. My father called to find out some time ago and a few weeks later we got a return call letting us know there was one. I have been working around horses all my life and I can’t wait to start this job!” she smiled cheerfully.
     The lady pulled out some papers and started examining them while saying, “All-righty, let me check here.” Then she stopped and frowned.
     “Oh I’m so sorry honey, I’m sure you would be a great worker here,” she hesitated.
Anna could feel all her hopes deflating as she asked, “Is something wrong?”
The lady continued.
     “The position you just mentioned that was available last week was taken by someone else. If you had been here just three days ago…” Her voice trailed off as she put her papers away. She glanced up to see a very disappointed look on Anna’s face.
     “Oh, I see.”
The lady added,
     “But if you’ll just give me your name and phone number I will put you on our list of people to call when we have another position available.” she smiled at Anna. “That may not be for awhile though, since we just hired some new workers.”
     “Thank you, I appreciate that,” murmured Anna as she wrote down her information on the piece of paper that the lady gave her. When she was done she said goodbye and left the office. She trudged over to Sassy feeling depressed. She leaned against the mare’s warm and comforting neck, ready to cry. After a few minutes she climbed back in the buggy and drove away. Why God, why? She sighed as she guided the mare back onto the highway. I thought you had answered my prayers and everything seemed to fall into place so fast…what happened? She decided to stop by Sarah’s before going home to talk to her about it. She could use some of her friend’s good sense right now.
     Arriving, she tied her horse, and jumped out. Walking in the back door she called, “Sarah! Are you here?”
Sarah greeted her warmly then said, “Why Anna, what is the matter? You don’t look so gut.”
     “I don’t feel so gut either,” Anna replied glumly.
     “Come into the living room while I get us both a cup of tea, and then you can tell me what happened.” Sarah went to the kitchen and presently returned with two steaming cups and a plate of freshly-baked cookies in her hands. She set the plate down and handed Anna a cup.
     “Denki.” Anna wrapped her hands around the mug and sighed. “Well I went over to Bird-in-Hand to apply for that horse job today. I couldn’t wait to start, and after talking to the lady at the office I realized I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up so high.”
At her friend’s questioning look she finished, “The position was taken already, already! She said if I had been there three days earlier I could have gotten it. Just think Sarah, three measly days sooner and it would have been me working there instead!” Anna let out a groan of frustration.  Sarah sympathetically put an arm around her and said, “Oh Anna, I am so sorry. You were so excited and I was hoping you would get it too.”
Anna took a sip of the tea and said, “Mmm, peppermint. Just what I need right now, jah?” She sighed again and said, “I guess I should have known better not to have been so set on it until I knew for sure.”
     “Jah, that is always hard not to do when you really look forward to something. It’s happened to me before too. It’s a hard lesson to learn.” Sarah offered Anna some cookies. “I made them today, they’re almond-maple ones,” she grinned as she bit into one.
     “Ooh, my favorite, denki.” Anna took two immediately. As she munched she said more cheerfully, “But the lady did say something about putting me on a list in case they get another empty position. So who knows, maybe I’ll still be able to get this job sometime.” She smiled and grabbed another cookie. “My word, Sarah, these are simply heavenly.” she rolled her eyes in delight. Sarah smiled at her friend’s enjoyment, then took another herself.
     “Well denki very much, don’t I know it!” They laughed and then she added more seriously, “I hope you can get it too, but next time don’t get your hopes soaring beforehand.”
     “Oh I won’t, believe me! I don’t feel like getting disappointed again.” Anna said firmly.
     “Gut. Now come out to the barn and tell me what you think of the new thoroughbred Dat just bought yesterday.”
     “He got a thoroughbred?” Getting up quickly she said, “I’m ready when you are!” Sarah laughed and gave Anna a poke and led her outside.
Thank You for teaching me a valuable lesson Lord, and for giving me more patience with the circumstances in my life and the desires you’ve given me, Anna prayed as she followed Sarah to the barn.

Total Trust

The other day, a friend and I were discussing the importance of asking YHWH into your life, and it struck me how many people ask YHWH into their lives, but yet are unwilling to let Him have total control in all areas of their life. They do not desire and trust with all their hearts in Him. YHWH will never, I repeat, NEVER, force Himself upon people. If someone doesn’t truly desire Him to lead every area of their lives, or is simply “pretending” to be a believer, YHWH will not impose upon you, until after much gentle nudging, you choose to fully accept Him in every area! Stop trying to take things into your own hands, because everything will fall into place in HIS time, not yours. Ask Him from the bottom of your heart, from the depths of your soul, to live inside you, and fully trust Him. (“And in all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21:22) Do not be another hypocritical Christian…we have way too many in the world already! (“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.” Matthew 9:37) Here’s a secret: When you can’t get along with someone, a parent, a sibling, or a friend, or if someone is just plain downright hard to love, don’t ask YHWH to help YOU to love them, but instead ask YHWH to love them through you! If you feel lost as to what you should do or say, ask YHWH to speak through you! This is really putting the term “to be like Jesus” to full use, because you aren’t trying on your own to love or to speak, but you are simply allowing His perfect love to wash through you, and pour forth as purely as only YHWH can give it. His love is perfect in every which way, and can never compare to what we try to give of ourselves. Think of the Potter and a vessel. Allow His love to go where He wills it, just as the  Potter pours water forth from his vessel, where he wills it to go. (“If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”) Repent daily of your sins. Don’t think that because you said you were sorry last week, and generally do it once a week, or whenever you think about it, that you will get by. No! We sin every single minute, in thoughts, actions, and words. YHWH could appear at anytime, and if we aren’t ready at that minute, it will be too late. Remember…we are His bride…our hands must be washed clean of sin, and our hearts as white and pure as a bride’s white garments, and we must be wearing the crown of purity and righteousness, at all times!

Shalom my dear friends, and may YHWH deeply bless you, and may you learn to trust Him with your entire being.


“The Bridesmaid” by Beverly Lewis (an epilogue I wrote for it

                        My Epilogue to “The Bridesmaid”     

            I can’t believe it! My long-awaited dreams are finally coming true, I said to myself while brushing my waist-length hair in my cream-colored nightgown before bed. This was to be the last night I would do that alone in my parents’ home, the one my siblings and I grew up in. That thought stilled my brush and I gazed at myself in my little mirror with mixed feelings. For a moment I was slightly saddened, thinking how much I would miss my family and our normal every-day routine. I had been single and practically an alt maedel  for so long that finally getting married seemed almost strange now. But in an instant, those feelings of uncertainty vanished and were replaced with excited ones regarding the next day’s events. I was to finally be Eben Troyer’sbraut—bride, and ach, how happy I was!
            I smiled to myself as I turned away from the mirror and sat down on the edge of the bed. I once again admired and gently fingered the beautiful double-ring quilt that I had so recently inherited. I stared at it awhile, absorbed in my own thoughts. As I look at it even now, so happily married, I am reminded of da Herr’s great love and faithfulness to His children—to me! Me, of all people! A person who falls so short of His glory all the time. I am blessed beyond measure. But back to the night before my wedding. I leaned back against the pillows, deep in thought. So much has happened since I decided to step out in faith and take this quilt out of my hope chest. I have learned some valuable lessons too. I sighed quietly. For one thing, I have learned to trust Gott no matter how difficult the circumstances, and that sometimes you have to just get up and act boldly.I smiled again, recalling the comical incident not too long before this when I impulsively went to Indiana to look for Eben. And irony of ironies, if he wasn’t in Hickory Hollow the exact same day looking for me! I laughed a little, remembering. Another smile played on my face as a conversation I had with my dear intended a few days previous came back into focus. It was close to sunset, and we were taking a stroll through the pasture together. We were walking along peacefully and quietly, just enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, when suddenly Eben stopped walking and pulled me closer to him. He looked into my eyes and said,
            “Dearest Joanna. How I love you.”
A lump filled my throat and I managed to answer back,
            “Oh, Eben. I love you too. I am so happy that Gott has worked everything out according to His perfect plan for us.” I smiled as he touched my face gently.
            “So am I, love. I am amazed that through such impossible circumstances, He was answering our prayers all along.”
            I squeezed his hand and looked at him tenderly, and we continued walking. Yes indeed, the Lord had answered my prayers. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to share my life with. In fact, I wouldn’t! As I lay against my bed reliving that sweet time together, I had a sudden inspiration. I jumped out of bed and kneeled down in front of my hope chest, pulling out a small notebook that I got specifically for writing my poetry. I brought it and a pencil back to bed and began to write. I thought I would like to give my husband-to-be a little gift from me, sharing my heart with him in a poem. I finished up the last line in about fifteen minutes, turned off the lamp, and crawled under the covers. That night I had a wonderful dream of cooking for Eben in our home for the first time, and how he grinned when he tasted my whoopie pie!
            The next day when I awoke, I saw Cora Jane standing a little forlornly in the doorway, with quite the somber face. I quickly sat up, rubbing my eyes saying,
            “Good morning, sister. You look so sad; are you all right?”
She made an effort to smile and answer back, but failed. She ran to my bedside and burst into tears. I gathered her up in my arms and tried to comfort her, rubbing her back until she calmed down. When she was able to speak I asked her what was wrong. She cried out,
            “Oh, Joanna! I will just miss ya so! We will never live in the same house again, never be able to have our sisterly chats before bed like we used to, and we just started bein’ friends again just lately. It’s not fair.” She tried to stop crying and wipe her eyes while pushing away from me to look at my face. I said to her, my own eyes filling,
            “We will still be able to talk and see each other as often as we like, dear sister. And I will live close by, ya know.” A mischievous grin grew on my face as I teasingly added,
            “Besides. If I’m not mistaken, I thought someone else around here had her own bridesmaids to be looking for soon.”
At that, Cora Jane blushed prettily and murmured, “I don’t even deserve to be married, after the way I have been. Especially not to such a considerate and pleasant man like Jake, and after all the judgmental and unkind thoughts and remarks I have made against him and so many other people. He is much more than I deserve, but I do so love him.”
            I smiled into her now-happy face, so pleased that we could share this sweet time together as friends once more.
            I married Eben later that morning in a beautiful yet solemn ceremony, with Cora Jane and two other cousins standing up with me. Eben and I said our vows to each other and then partook of a wunnerbaar-gut feast afterwards. It feels like yesterday, but it has been over two years since that lovely day. How time flies!
            Cora Jane married Jake Lantz in October, a year after my own wedding. They are happily living a few miles from Dat and Mamma, in a little farmhouse. My little sister is now expecting their first little one and I am so excited for her, as my whole family is. Eben and I have one on the way as well, and a beautiful little girl, almost a year old. We decided to name her Joanna, after me and my great aunt, and Grace because Gott’s grace is more than we deserve. We can’t wait until little Joanna Grace is old enough to understand about His wonderful grace, and her heritage that I discovered not too long before she came about. I hope she will appreciate it and have as much faith as her amazing great-great-great namesake aunt did. Da Herr has bountifully blessed us, even in the midst of trials and pain. I know He is always with me and is guiding my steps, even though I can’t see it at the time. I thank Him daily for my wonderful family, and for giving me the man of my dreams and beautiful children to raise up for Him. Thank You, Father.

Some changes made

Hi everyone! :) I have updated this blog and changed/added some things to it. :) If anybody emailed us at our Inbox account, I never got to see it because the account got deactivated because I didn’t log in for too long. Anyways, please look around and check out the things I’ve updated, including our About page!


An analogy the Lord gave me…

My Grace is Sufficient

By Hannah

~Thought of and written down at 10:43 AM on January 4, 2013~

I was just laying in bed, thinking. Not about anything important, just some dreams I had that morning. As I was laying there thinking, a different thought popped into my head all of a sudden, apparently out of no where. As the thought became clearer, more visible, and was progressing, I felt that the Father was speaking to me and giving me something. By the way, this thought came in analogy form. When I had thought through the whole analogy until the end, I jumped out of bed, wanting to get this written down before I forgot any of it. The analogy is this:


Pretend that you are a picture frame hanging on a wall by a big, loopy string. Let’s say that at some point of your hanging there, the string breaks and you fall to the floor. So you try to tie and knot the ends of your string yourself until you think that it will hold. ~~~(I know that this may sound a little silly because that can’t happen, but just bear with me :) )~~~ When you’re done you feel great satisfaction in being able to fix it yourself. Then, much to your surprise and dismay, the string breaks again the very next day, and this time in another area. As you fall to the ground once more, your fall is worse this time and you land harder and more painfully. After thinking for awhile you realize that this time youneed the owner of the house to fix you properly, to give you a new, stronger string. At least—that’s what many people have been telling you. Except for a couple of your friends. They think that “you’re doing just splendidly on your own, and what a great job you did fixing it yourself; why on earth would you need to ask for help?!” So you are very much tempted to believe them, but finally you take the wiser counsel of your godlier friends. So you ask for help, and the owner of the house comes and carefully puts on a newer, stronger string, and you are very grateful and think you’ll never fall again now! Well…..three days later, guess what happens. :) But this time you know not to let your pride get the best of you —you’ve learned your lesson!—and you humbly call for help again. The owner comes running….

Sisters, I am sure you’ve already guessed the interpretation of this analogy. But whether or not you have, please let me explain anyway.


As you can see, the picture frame represents you or anyone in this situation. The flimsy, broken string represents problems you could be going through, past or present hurts in your life, or anything that is making you struggle. You know that you can’t continue without some kind of mending because you’ve fallen and need to get back up. After a little while, you figure out a solution to your problems—a quick way to “patch things up” (albeit temporary, as you will find out). So you “tie and knot the end,” so to speak, thinking you’ve got it, “everything will be fine now, I’ve taken care of it myself” because you managed to keep yourself afloat (on the wall ;) ) for a little while longer. Oh, dear friends!!! That is when we are at our weakest, thinking we can fix ourselves and our problems in our own strength! Then the Godly people in our lives tell us that we need to turn to The Master Builder, The Owner of the house, THIS house—your body, which is His temple—and also the earth. Since He created you, He knows the right way to fix you—permanently.So after a few days, before we hear enough wise advice to sway us just yet, we fall again, but harder and more painfully this time, and now there’s another “break” or wound and all your old problems still aren’t solved, so now you really need help. All the Godly people in your life who can see your obvious need (even though you can’t or refuse to) are praying for you and keep telling you Who you need to turn to for real help. Then there’s these other, more worldly friends, who, after hearing what happened and what you did (or tried to do) told you that you were “doing just fine, you have no reason to listen to those ridiculous ‘religious’ friends of yours.” Quite obviously (or maybe not so obviously! He can be verrry subtle), that is the Enemy speaking through them. He doesn’t care about your soul(unless there’s another good way to get it before God does!) and he doesn’t want you to have everlasting peace and contentment through Christ. SO, to make long analogy short…. :)


You think about your situation, and finally give in to the wiser advice. Broken and humble, you cry out in desperation to your Heavenly Father, begging Him to mend your life, while giving Him all of you forever—never looking back! He will always come running when you seek Him with your whole heart. He gives you a peace you’ve never known, one that transcends all understanding, and little by little you see Him working in your life, drawing you with cords or “strings” of love, and putting a “new string on your frame.” You might begin to start feeling a little proud at how well things are turning out and how you did the right thing, so He decides to give you a little test. The string breaks again one day and things unexpectedly go awry. You fall—again. But this time (hopefully!) you realize how smug you became and that pride really does go before a fall. J So, once more you seek His Face, asking Him to forgive you, and once more He comes a-runnin!!!


Sisters, I sincerely hope that if this analogy describes you, you will quickly realize what a mistake it is to try to fix yourself on your own and that it is only in His strength we are made perfect. As I was writing this, The Lord gave me a Scripture verse that I had forgotten about until I came to the end of the analogy. Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless The LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it…” So friends, I will leave you with a few more verses of encouragement. And remember, I needed to hear this as much as you. We are growing every day together. Maybe I should go back and read it all over again! :)

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” ~Philippians 4:13

“And He has said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness’…” ~2 Corinthians 12:9

In His Name,


Questions You May Have Had about Hannah and I…….

This post was originally written by me (@missjenny42) over four months ago(!), and it’s been sitting in the drafts for that long! It never got published before because I wanted @hannahd to be able to add to it and edit it, if need be, but she’s been too busy to do much of anything on this blog, so I’ve decided to just publish it already!  :P  So anyway, here’s our newest post, with most of it being four months old.  :roll:  :lol:


Whether you read our blogs or are friends with us on Homeschoolblogger, you may have had numerous questions about us. Well, I would like to answer them! Here are the three major questions about Hannah and me that I shall give explanations for…………………

Q: I’ve noticed that @hannahd and @missjenny42 are constantly saying that they’re real-life friends, yet they don’t live close to each other at all (in fact, they live many, many states away from each other), and they constantly talk about “seeing each other again.” Why do they say they are “real-life” friends if they don’t get to see one another?

A: When Hannah and I first met, we did live close together, and we did see each other in real life. Allow me to explain……

Over eight years ago, Hannah’s family moved to a town not very far from mine. They needed to buy some furniture for their new home, so they went shopping at a furniture store that my grandfather worked at before. After learning that this family he was selling furniture to homeschooled, my grandfather thought that their daughter Hannah, who just happened to be my age, might like to meet his homeschooled granddaughter.  ;)  So he gave them our phone number, and after Hannah’s mother called us and got acquainted with my mom over the phone (and of course she had to explain how she got our phone number, lol), they invited us to their house!!!  :D  We become kindred spirits at the first visit! So we played together often and became super best friends. I never met anyone who had so much in common with me before! It was a dream-come-true to have such a perfect friend!  :D  :D  :D

A few years after that in 2005 (this is where it gets sad  :cry: ), Hannah’s family moved away to a state that was a large distance away, and then to another state where she currently resides. Due to the long mileage to travel, my family being afraid of planes (and my father not having enough vacation time from his work), Hannah’s family not having sufficient traveling funds (this list of excuses is just pitiful  :roll: ),we haven’t seen each other since she moved away almost six years ago.  :cry:  But!  :)  We are still best real-life friends, because we talk on the phone for hours every week, and it seems we share every thought with each other, so that’s why we still act as though we’re as close as neighbors.  :)

Okay, next question……………

Q: Why is it that Hannah’s first account had the username @vanessa123? Her name is Hannah, not Vanessa! Plus, why is it that a while ago she was calling herself “2 Sisters?” And why doesn’t she use that account anymore?

A: Okay, before I answer the question, let me introduce you to Vanessa! A few years ago Hannah’s father introduced her to a girl via telephone that was about one year younger than her, named Vanessa. Those two girls have so much in common! They became fast friends, and they still are friends today (though they haven’t met in person, YET)! When Hannah first found out about blogs, she became an avid follower of many, and then she got Vanessa and I into reading blogs as well. At first Hannah and I wanted to start blogs of our own, but we were apprehensive of doing so at first. Now Vanessa, being the out-going girl she is, volunteered to make a blog first, which I think you will enjoy, called “The Blessing Corner.” Hannah, being a little less out-going than Vanessa but much more outgoing than me, then wanted to make a blog of her own. But being a little wary of starting one by herself, she asked Vanessa if she would like to start a blog with her. Vanessa agreed to the proposition, so after choosing which server to use for her blog (HSB), Hannah and Vanessa created an account together. Hannah intended to make an account and a blog that they would share equally, so she named her username after Vanessa, called their blog “Sisters for Yah”, and for a while set her name to “2 Sisters”, so that everyone would know that the account was being shared. At first Vanessa posted on the Sisters for Yah blog, (You can see Vannessa’s profile in the About Us page, and you can read posts by Vanessa on this blog here and here). After only a short time, though, Vanessa became very busy, and her access to the Internet was limited, so she stopped posting on this blog, and only posts now on her own blog.  :)

A few months ago, Homeschoolblogger had a spam glitch that mistook many members for spam, so it wiped out people’s accounts, including Hannah’s @vanessa123 account. It was later recovered, but before it was she made a new account, @hannahd, and decided when she got @vanessa123 back that she would use her new account for almost everything instead, since the username of her old account was confusing people.

Q: Why does Jennifer sometimes refer to things that happened on HSB before she joined? How would she know what happened on here if she wasn’t on here?!

A: Before I joined HSB, I was skeptical of making my own account at first, so Hannah gave me the password to her @vanessa123 account so that I could see how fun HSB was and decide if I wanted to join myself. I mostly logged in to read what was happening on Hannah’s groups that I wished to join but couldn’t since I wasn’t a member. I did this for quite a few months until I “mustered up the courage” to join HSB myself. (Just in case you’re wondering, I never posted or commented a single word on HSB through Hannah’s account, I only logged into it to see what her friends would say on updates and groups.)

Alright……….I think that I have answered all of the major questions our online friends have had. Without any further adieu, it is now time to finally click that “publish” button!  :D

My Playlist

How does everyone like my new playlist on the side?!! :) I hope you enjoy listening to all the songs I put up. If you would like to hear a Christian song that I don’t have, please feel free to request it! I may, however, not choose to put it up for personal reasons.


Yes, we are still alive. Here’s some videos!!!

(NOTE: The previous links for the videos did not work properly, so they have been re-added. Enjoy!)


Hello, fellow sisters, bloggers, and blog-followers! I offer unto you my deepest, sincerest apologies for neglecting this blog. All three of the sisters for Yah have been too busy or wrapped up in other things to keep up with this blog. And I have been paying attention to my own blog lately, pretty much ignoring this one. So hello again! How are you all doing? And yes, we are all doing quite well, thank you.  ;)

Perhaps you remember this post that Hannah made back in May?  ——> Videos of the Week 3: Hilarious cat videos Well, whether you do or don’t, click on the link and scroll down to the last two videos of “Mishka the Dog”, and please watch them if you haven’t before. Now, please watch this video I just found! (And yes, the add



LOL  :lol:  I hope you enjoyed that! Speaking of videos, last night Hannah and I were on HSB private messaging videos that we found and liked. Here are a few of them!


Here’s one of Laura Story:


And some of Francesca Battistelli……………


Is this silly, or is this SILLY?


And here’s one of Steven Curtis Chapmen.

(Did you noticed any changes to the lyrics from the original version of the song?  ;)  )


Well, that’s all I’m going to share with you for now. Have a nice day!!  :D